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Waco: The Big Lie

Thursday, August 16, 2007

In 1995 Linda Thompson, American attorney, filmmaker, and founder of the American Justice Federation, made this film titled Waco: The Big Lie, which contained footage of the siege of the Branch Davidian church in Waco, Texas. The film was distributed widely on videotape and for a short period after its release she was a regular guest on talk radio shows, especially those of Art Bell and Chuck Harder. The film challenged the mainstream news reports of the Branch Davidian siege and created a small sensation, alleging a government coverup of the events surrounding the siege.

Some of her movie's allegations have since been vindicated by professionally produced films such as Waco: The Rules of Engagement and Waco: A New Revelation, but the film's most controversial aspects have not. Specifically, Linda Thompson showed a split second of footage of a tank with what appeared to be fire emitting from it into Mt. Carmel and she claimed it was a flamethrower used to start the fire that consumed the church. When the full footage was acquired by Michael McNulty, the "fire" was shown to be sunlight reflecting off sheetrock insulation on a wall panel that had fallen on the tank. Adding a sense of surety to her flamethrower claim, Thompson claimed that the tank backed out twice and each time the flame was clearly visible, but in fact she just ran the same split-second clip twice.

Thompson also claimed that three BATF agents killed by friendly fire during the siege were all former bodyguards of then-President Bill Clinton and the friendly fire was actually an assassination ordered by Clinton. Her film was also heavily criticized for allegedly showing footage of the siege out of chronological order while Thompson's narration declared that the order shown in her video was the actual order of the events that took place.

She followed up her first film with another, Waco II: The Big Lie Continues, in which she offered rebuttals to those who were critical of her first film, declared everyone critical of the film to be part of a cover-up, and continued to stand by the most controversial allegations in Waco: The Big Lie.

Waco: The Big Lie

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“Waco: The Big Lie”

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