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Conspiracy Video

The Other Israel

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reverend Ted Pike of The National Prayer Network explains most of the extremist Christian arguments about why they think Jews are not to be trusted.

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Zero An Investigation Into 9/11

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11, has one central thesis - that the official version of the events surrounding the attacks on 9/11 can not be true. This brand new feature documentary from Italian production company Telemaco explores the latest scientific evidence and reveals dramatic new witness testimony, which directly conflicts with the US Government's account.

Featuring presentations from intellectual heavy weights; Gore Vidal, and Noble Prize winner Dario Fo, the film challenges assumptions surrounding the attacks. In the words of the Italian daily newspaper, Il Corriere de da Sera, "What results is a sequence of contradictions, gaps, and omissions of stunning gravity."

Below you can view the first 14 minutes of the film as an extended trailer, view the entire video in four parts from Google Video, download a high quality copy of the movie by torrent or buy the DVD to keep from the official website.

ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11
(Extended Trailer - 1st 14mins of film)

ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11 (Part One)

ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11 (Part Two)

ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11 (Part Three)

ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11 (Part Four)

Download Zero An Investigation Into 9/11 by Torrent

Buy the Zero An Investigation Into 9/11 DVD at zero911movie.com

The UK Guardian newspaper's review of Zero An Investigation Into 9/11 is less than flattering but a useful read for those looking for a counterpoint opinion. "If Mr Bush and Mr Blair are still musing over their "legacy", well, here it is - the 9/11 "truth" movement, of which this film, from Italian directors Franco Farcassi and Francesco Trento, is the latest example. It represents a sizeable body of opinion, holding that everything that we were told about that awful day, every syllable, every dot, every comma, every jot, every tittle, was a great big lie. Our rulers brought this fatuous exercise in silly conspiracy theorism on themselves and us, having foisted the definite untruth of WMD on the world. After all, why should we believe anything proclaimed by the governments of Washington and London which endorsed that mendacity?" Read The Full Review Here

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Anthrax Scientist Bruce Ivins - Patsy?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

When Army scientist Bruce Ivins committed suicide last month, it appeared the seven-year-old 9/11 Anthrax in the Mail mystery had been solved.

But over the last few weeks, bloggers have been posting their own theories about whether Ivins was really responsible for the attacks, or a conveniently deceased patsy.... and now the mainstream news services have picked up on it. Kelly Hayboer wrote a great article covering the blogosphere reaction to the Ivins anthrax case here.

Keith Olbermann asks, Anthrax Attacks Inside Job?

Tom Daschle: Very Skeptical In Anthrax Investigation

U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Taylor says Dr. Bruce Ivins is
the only person responsible for the 2001 anthrax attacks

I don't think this story will die very soon...


Ivins E-mailed Himself About Anthrax Killer

Sept. 25 - Bruce Ivins, the Army scientist accused of carrying out the 2001 anthrax attacks, e-mailed himself last year saying he knew who the killer was. According to an FBI affidavit, the e-mail was dated Sept. 2007.


View the story video here

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Ghosts of Abu Ghraib

Thursday, August 7, 2008

GHOSTS OF ABU GHRAIB strongly suggests that, far from being an unauthorized, isolated event by rank-and-file soldiers acting on their own initiative, the physical and psychological torture employed at the prison was an inevitable outgrowth of military and government policies that were implemented in a climate of fear and chaos, inadequate training and insufficient resources.

The interviews with soldiers who took part in and observed the torture at Abu Ghraib show them to be intelligent and articulate young men and women, not gun-happy, sadistic torturers - challenging what viewers may think they know about what took place at the prison.

Ghosts of Abu Ghraib

This HBO documentary produced and directed by Rory Kennedy, daringly approaches a scandal that hardly anyone wants to see reexamined, least of all, one can safely assume, the Bush administration and the Pentagon.

While the White House and Pentagon claimed that the situation at Abu Ghraib was "a kind of animal house on the night shift," other on-site participants and observers maintain that the abuses at Abu Ghraib were part of a general pattern of a "gloves off" interrogation policy that had been put in place after 9/11.

Interview with Rory Kennedy

Download Ghosts of Abu Ghraib by Torrent

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Iraq Conspiracies

Friday, August 1, 2008

By Simon Reeves, maker of “Generation Kill”, an HBO seven-part mini-series about the invasion of Iraq currently airing. Iraq Conspiracies looks into the reasons behind the war in Iraq, from oil to the petrodollar to US supremacy and Iran.

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